Russians created a fake paramilitary organization in Energodar

In the temporarily occupied Energodar, the occupiers created a detachment of “people’s militia” made up of several dozen collaborators dependent on the Russians.

Recently, a detachment of “militias” took an oath of allegiance to the enemy. Now, they patrol the city with the police and help the occupiers pressure the local population.

However, the main idea of creating such a unit is propaganda because it allows Russian apologists to tell lies about “popular support for the occupation”. Note that a detachment of 15 people was created only after two years of occupation, and the local volunteer battalion is generally staffed with Russians and Serbs.

As for the detachment members, we note that after taking the oath and receiving weapons, they became a legitimate target for the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Upon retreat, the Russians would leave them in the city, as they did with Kherson’s lower-ranking collaborators.

You can report collaborators or the position of the enemy using the link.

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