Russians demand that state employees obtain Russian passports

The enemy continues to try to carry out forced passporting in the temporarily occupied territories, in particular among employees of the budget sector.

Thus, the occupation administrations informed the employees of the budget sector, in particular doctors, utility workers and others, that they all need to obtain a Russian passport if they wish to continue working. In addition, they must write an application to renounce Ukrainian citizenship.

At the same time, the Russians are launching employment centers in the temporarily occupied territories, but it will be possible to register there only with the enemy’s passport.

That is, first the Russians captured and destroyed the cities in the south and east of the country, and then finished off the industry, which was cut to metal. Now the enemy is creating conditions where you can work or receive unemployment benefits only if you receive your red waste paper.

The National Resistance Center calls to ignore the demands of the occupiers and leave the territories under the control of the government of Ukraine. Remember that a Russian passport is a ticket to the past and to isolation in the world.

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