Russians deport the families of the “LPR Army”soldiers to the Russian Federation

Family members of the so-called of the second army corps (mobilized from the temporarily occupied areas of the Luhansk region) began to be exported to the Russian Federation.

Yes, the family is promised benefits and provided with accommodation in remote areas of the Russian Federation. In addition, military children receive the right to free education at Russian universities. This, according to the plan of the occupiers, should motivate the residents of Luhansk region to join the ranks of the enemy’s army.

Note that in the future, these families will have to assimilate, and in the meantime, the Russian Federation will bring its residents to Luhansk Oblast. Therefore, such migration also aims to change the demographic composition of the region.

We will remind you that the occupiers forcibly deported the residents of the village of Nechaeve in the temporarily occupied part of the Kherson region. The village is located near Oleshky. The Russians evicted people from their homes in order to quarter their military there.

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