Russians developed a 10-year Russification program for Ukrainian youth

The enemy plans to change the opinion of the population in the temporarily occupied territories in 10 years and has already developed a corresponding program for this.

The day before, the occupiers conducted a poll on the mood of the youth, which revealed that the youth of the south did not support the occupiers. Therefore, they decided to intensify work with Ukrainian children.

The key role in this should be played by military associations of the Hitler Youth type in the times of Nazi Germany. In particular, Viktor Kaurov, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Youth Army, has already arrived at TOT, who held a meeting with Saldo and Balitsky Gauleiters.

The occupiers also plan to increase the emphasis on the role of Russia in the Second World War, to make regular performances of “svo veterans” in schools, and in general to increase the “hours of patriotism” in schools.

It should be noted that the Russians are pursuing a policy of destroying the self-identification of children in the temporarily occupied territories. The “youth movements” should be mentioned separately. The latter are created according to the “volunteer” type, but most of them are mass. The first of its kind was the “youth of youth”, which consists of young people brought to the TOT, who imitate local support for the occupation. The Russians also created the “Movement of the First”, which is something similar to the Komsomol and has signs of a totalitarian cult.

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