Russians do not fulfill their promises to provide housing to deported Ukrainians

The occupiers are pursuing a policy of survival of Ukrainians from their land, promising to provide new housing in the Russian Federation. However, the Kremlin does not fulfill its promise.

Thus, the enemy, having unleashed a war in the region, creates a humanitarian crisis in the captured areas, and shifts the responsibility to Ukraine. Pharmacies and hospitals are being removed from populated areas and social benefits of Ukraine are being blocked. Residents are offered departure to the Russian Federation, where they must then be provided with housing.

However, residents of Kherson region who left for Tomsk region did not receive housing or the promised one-time aid of 100,000 rubles. Instead, they are forced to get Russian passports.

The National Resistance Center urges not to cooperate with the enemy and not to receive a passport of the Russian Federation.

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