Russians «egalized» another theft in the temporarily occupied territory. This time a billion for «industry»

The Government of the Russian Federation issued an order to allocate 1 billion rubles for «regional funds» in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

The relevant order was issued on June 13 by the government of the aggressor country. According to it, the Putin regime will send 1 billion Russian rubles to «regional industry development funds». According to the document, the government of the Russian Federation provides loans for development projects in the regions at a low interest rate for a long period. However, the Russian authorities are well aware that there will be no long-term period and have already obliged these «funds» to sign contracts with the occupation administrations by July 10. In order to transfer funds as soon as possible to the accounts of «funds», or de facto shell companies, which are controlled by high-ranking Russian officials.

At most, this situation vividly emphasizes the attitude of the Russian regime towards local collaborators. In particular, the fact that they were simply removed from the process of dividing funds and appointed their curators to distribute the budget. For example, in the Donetsk region, a citizen of the Russian Federation, a confidant of the Russian government’s deputy prime minister Khusnulin, was appointed to this project.

Regarding the distribution of funds:

  • 370 million rubles for Donetsk region;
  • 370 million rubles for Luhansk region;
  • 130 million rubles for Kherson region;
  • 130 million rubles for Zaporizhzhya region.

You can send information about the persons involved in the process of distribution of these funds and about the «officials» of the occupation administrations in general to the resistance telegram bot or to the e-mail box [email protected]

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