The Russians are exporting ore from the temporarily occupied territories. The occupiers continue to extract resources from the temporarily occupied territories.

Almost a year ago, the Russians captured the Zaporizhzhia iron ore plant and now export ore through the port in Mariupol. This is an example of typical behavior of an empire that uses captured lands for resource extraction.

It should be noted that the sale of ore is carried out by structures close to the FSB, under whose patronage the looting of Ukrainian subsoil takes place.

It should be reminded that the occupiers continue to export grain from the temporarily occupied territories to Syria. Grain from the south is exported in two ways: by rail from Tokmak to Berdiansk, and then transported to Tartus (Syria) through the port, or by exporting it to Crimea through the port of Sevastopol and then to the aforementioned Tartus.

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