Russians expropriated another church in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

Russians continue to persecute and oppress all churches, except the Russian one, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The occupiers took over the premises of the community of the local church of Evangelical Christian Baptists in one of the cities on the TOT. Even during the war, the aforementioned community engaged in volunteering, in particular helping refugees from Mariupol.

Now the Russians are setting up another military facility there.

It is worth noting that this policy of oppressing other denominations is aimed at TOT and applies to all churches, except for the pocket Russian Orthodox Church, which is controlled by the Kremlin.

We will remind you that earlier at TOT, the corresponding program “assistance to religious organizations in the integration into the Russian socio-cultural space” started operateing. It is carried out by the NGO “Russian Association for the Protection of Religious Freedom”, which is financed by grants from the President of the Russian Federation.

In fact, the organization is engaged in auditing the property of other denominations in order to further destroy all Protestant movements, the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine and Muslim centers that are not under the control of the spiritual administration of the Muslims of the Russian Federation.

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