Russians film staged videos of the battles near Bakhmut

The enemy is conducting an information campaign about the battles for Bakhmut, and it is for this purpose that they shoot staged videos of the battles for the city.

Thus, on January 22, the Russian propagandist Semyon Pegov shared a video allegedly taken during the battles for Bilogorivka, which is controlled by Ukraine, as part of an attempt to break through the “Siversk – Soledar – Bakhmut – Chasiv Yar” line.

In fact, the video was shot on the approaches to the village of Shipylivka, 8 km from Bilogorivka. The video itself, on the contrary, demonstrates that it is the Armed Forces that are conducting an offensive on this part of the front, and not the other way around.

Another example is the video of propagandist Dambiev, which he shared on January 24. It supposedly records the battles in Krasnya Hora (a village near Bakhmut), but the video is actually staged and filmed in Mariupol.

The National Resistance Center urges to trust only official sources of information regarding the events at the front, because the enemy has currently intensified work on creating fakes and filling the information field with false theses. We will remind you that every week we publish a digest about enemy lies in the Ukrainian infospace.

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