Russians gather for their Nazi coven in Moscow

On the temporarily occupied territories, a crowd is gathering for a trip to the main Nazi event of the year – a concert dedicated to the occupation of Ukraine.

  In the best traditions of Nazi Germany, the name of the concert fully corresponds to the slogan of the Nazis – “one country, one family, one Russia” (the Germans have “One people, one Reich, one Führer”, that is, modern Nazis only changed “Fuhrer” to “family” and modernized the word Reich”).

The invaders are bringing crowds from all regions of the Russian Federation and the occupied territories of Ukraine to the concert. Yet, collaborators make lists of budget employees for the trip. In addition, the enemy is planning demonstrations at the TOT itself.

They plan to attract “volunteers” from Kremlin-controlled youth movements there. Most of these “volunteers” are residents of the Russian Federation who were brought to Ukraine.

Note that the list of organizers of these trips is known and will bear responsibility for helping the enemy in creating propaganda pictures. We remind you that you can report an enemy or a collaborator using the link.

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