Russians have created a new movement to brainwash children into TOT

The occupiers continue the policy of destroying the self-identification of children in the temporarily occupied territories.

The Russians divide the work of brainwashing adults and children in the occupied territories. If they try to zombify adults by controlling the media and restricting access to information. At the same time applying repression and an element of pressure.

As for children, here the Russians primarily use schools, children’s camps and various activities with propagandists. The “youth movements” should be mentioned separately. the latter are created according to the “volunteer” type, but most of them are mass.

The first of its kind was the “youth of youth”, which consists of young people brought to the TOT, who imitate local support for the occupation. Now the Russians have created the “Movement of the First”, which is something similar to the Komsomol and has the characteristics of a totalitarian cult.

Also, the recruitment of teenagers to the militarist group “Yunarmiya”, which is already an analogue of the Hitler Youth from Nazi Germany, continues at TOT. All these “mass” movements aim to create conditions for collective involvement, when not participating in these movements will be reflected in the attitude towards the child in schools, etc.

The National Resistance Center calls on TOT residents to leave the region and not ruin the future of their children. We will return home after the deoccupation of the territories!

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