Russians have problems with passporting at TOT

The local population in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine avoid receiving a Russian document.

Representatives of the occupation administrations at the TOT receive reprimands from Moscow curators due to the low pace of passporting. Locals do not accept the Russian document and sabotage its receipt. Therefore, the occupiers continue to commit genocide against the civilian population – and do not provide medical services without a Russian passport or an application for receipt. In some hospitals, in particular, in Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia, points were set up where you can apply for a Russian passport.

The National Resistance Center urges you not to take a Russian passport. If necessary, you can file an application and have the appropriate “document” of the occupiers in your hands. However, by constantly skipping the queue for delivery, you can update the application for receipt and sabotage the receipt of Russian garbage.

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