Russians keep the corpses of their soldiers in warehouses in order not to pay money to their relatives – the occupier’s confession

Captured marine Nikita Fomichev told the story of his brigade, in particular about corruption in the command and losses of the enemy.

The 155th Marine Brigade is synonymous with cruelty to civilians and defeats on the battlefield. The brigade was defeated near Kiev at the beginning of the full-scale invasion and is now defeated again in the battles for Vugledar. It was there that Fomichev was captured by our military.

A serviceman of the brigade spoke about:

– numerical losses of the brigade

– criminal cases against the brigade commander

– shooting of personnel due to refusal to participate in hostilities

– corruption in the brigade.

According to him, the brigade lost 6,800 people during the year, with a staff of 1,200. People are recruited anew from volunteers, mobilized and seconded. In particular, marines are removed from ships in Vladivostok.

At the same time, senior officers pay money not to go to Ukraine. To do this, they buy the positions of chief of staff, etc. Also in the video, the prisoner says that the corpses of Russian soldiers are stored in warehouses for months in order not to pay money to relatives. They are considered missing.

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