Russians kidnapped another 50 Ukrainian children from Luhansk region

The occupiers continue to kidnap Ukrainian children. This time, 50 children were taken from Luhansk region to Dagestan.

Children from the Luhansk region, without their parents, were taken to the republican center “Sunny Beach”, located in Dagestan, under the pretext of recovery. The organizers of the theft of children are the “women’s movement of United Russia”, which means representatives of Vladimir Putin’s party.

In such camps, children are subjected to ideological processing, when propagandists impose the Kremlin’s vision of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, children are often not returned to their parents unless they come to pick them up in person.

That is, the children become hostages in order to lure their parents and leave them in the Russian Federation, because the family is no longer allowed back.

This is another example of the policy of genocide carried out by the Russians on the TOT. The enemy is trying to destroy the self-identity of an entire generation of Ukrainians in order to destroy our nation.

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