Russians left part of Zaporizhzhia without gas supply

The occupiers stopped the construction of the gas pipeline to Berdiansk and Melitopol.

Back in the spring, the Russians destroyed a gas pipeline in the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhia region. After the Russians appointed Evgeny Balytskyi as the gauleiter of the TOT region, he promised to restore gas supply by autumn. However, the new gas pipeline that the Russians wanted to launch from Rostov does not exist. The start of the heating season in Melitopol and Berdyansk was postponed several times, and the last time Balytskyi promised to complete the gas pipeline by October 1.

But according to underground information, the occupiers are currently dismantling the gas pipeline between Berdiansk and Melitopol. Therefore, the region remains without gas supply.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on residents to evacuate as soon as possible to evacuate the TOT during the special operation to liberate our territories.

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