Russians on TOT demand to remove applications of Ukrainian banks

The occupiers intensify filtering measures in the temporarily occupied territories and are unsuccessfully fighting against the hryvnia.

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians are trying to find the Ukrainian underground. That is why they strengthened the police-administrative regime on TOT and are actively checking citizens. The Russians conduct raids and check phones at checkpoints. The measures seem ineffective, so the occupation administrations decided to extract at least some benefit from such inspections. Now, during the phone checks the occupiers demand the removal of the applications of Ukrainian banks, in particular Oschadbank, Privatbank and Monobank.

This is connected with the so-called decree of transition of TOT to the ruble zone. The occupiers want to limit the use of the hryvnia among local residents as much as possible.

Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls for caution and to leave the region if possible. We also remind you that the center’s website has instructions on cleaning the phone and behavior during arrest.

Also, clear your browser history and unsubscribe from Ukrainian Telegram channels before going out. You can save links to verified news resources as a QR code.

How to disable the saving of search history in Chrome or Edge: a minute solution.

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