Russians oppress uncontrolled denominations

The Kremlin continues to implement plans to take control of the temporarily occupied territories.

In the Russian model, the church is only a method of conveying the necessary information to control the population, while the church works in connection with the Kremlin. The latter provides controlled denominations with a monopoly on captured territories.

Currently, the Russians are subjecting a number of organizations on the TOT to repression, in particular, searches were conducted in the parishes of the OCU, GKTU and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some members of religious communities were detained.

All this is happening against the background of the meeting between Gauleiter Yevgeny Balitsky and Kirill Gundyaev – the head of the Moscow church. At it, the collaborator promised to help Russian religious figures in their activities on the TOT.

It will be recalled that earlier the Russians began to engage in the “integration” of churches in the temporarily occupied territories, within which only churches under the control of the Kremlin will remain in the region. The corresponding program “assistance of religious organizations in the integration into the Russian socio-cultural space” has begun to operate at TOT. It is carried out by the NGO “Russian Association for the Protection of Religious Freedom”, which is financed by grants from the President of the Russian Federation.

In fact, the organization is engaged in auditing the property of other denominations in order to further destroy all Protestant movements, the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine and Muslim centers that are not under the control of the spiritual administration of the Muslims of the Russian Federation. Moscow has already implemented a similar policy in Crimea.

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