Russians pay money for demonstrative voting in the “referendum”

In the Kherson region, cases were recorded when Russians paid 40,000 rubles for demonstrative voting in the referendum.

Yes, the responsibilities of the mask include voting on the camera with the Russian flag and further commenting to the “press”. Russians are interested in the locals, as they are in short supply at the “referendum” due to their reluctance to participate.

That is, in fact, such a price is based on the absence of local people willing to vote, and even more so to do it demonstratively and give comments.

Let’s note that today is the last day of “expression of will”. This whole show lasted for 5 days, during which armed Russian soldiers went to the places of residence of the locals. No documents are required from voters, and in fact, anyone can vote an unlimited number of times. All this was done due to the need to hide the low turnout.

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