Russians plan to exploit the captured industrial facilities on the TOT for their own purposes

The Kremlin tasked the occupying administrations with providing captured industrial facilities with state orders.

Thus, according to Moscow’s plan, the captured industry will serve the enemy’s army. The appointed managers of the enterprises have already visited the exhibition of planned state orders for the next year.

Most of the TOT enterprises refused to work for the occupiers, but the enemy declared the captured objects “unmanaged” and appointed their managers there. However, enterprises do not have orders and the ability to work at full capacity due to a shortage of personnel and the loss of markets. Therefore, the only source of existence is the government contracts of the enemy.

Thus, the Russians are solving two tasks at once: helping the army thanks to the captured property, as well as creating a propaganda picture about the return of the region to a “peaceful life”.

It should be noted that those enterprises that are currently of no value to the Kremlin are subject to simple robbery and export of equipment to the Russian Federation.

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