Russians plan to open additional brainwashing centers at TOT

The higher military and political leadership of the Russian Federation continues to take successive steps aimed at displacing the Ukrainian identity from the consciousness of the population of the Southern Territories of Ukraine.

In particular, the analysis of the information field of the TOT of the Zaporizhzhya region indicates the deployment of a purposeful campaign aimed at imposing Russian identity on the local population and forcing them to integrate into the socio-cultural space of the Russian Federation.

Thus, the statement of the head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs of the Russian Federation Yevhen Barinov, in which he announced the opening of a network of representative offices of this agency at the TOT of the Zaporizhzhya region with the aim of “strengthening Russian identity and international unity in regions that have only recently been freed from the oppression of Ukrainian propaganda, is being widely circulated.” “.

At the same time, it is emphasized that the activities of the created representative offices of the Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities of the Russian Federation will be focused on the involvement of various social groups of the population of the TOT of the Zaporizhzhya region in cooperation with Russian public organizations, the creation of joint programs of “educational work”, as well as the active implementation of “humanitarian programs”.

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