Russians provoked a demographic crisis in Luhansk Region

During the years of temporary occupation of the Luhansk region, the population of the region decreased by 40%.

According to the occupiers, the population of the TOT of Luhansk region is 1.5 million people, which is 40% or one million people less than at the time of the Russian occupation of the first territories in 2014. At the same time, the tendency to decrease the population continues.

Depopulation of the region is accompanied by settlement by Russians, brainwashing of children and mass mobilization of ethnic Ukrainians for war against their native state. At the same time, the enemy actively deports the population under the guise of evacuation and carries out a filtering policy, when people are forcibly removed by villages.

All this is a war crime according to the Roman statute, and everyone involved will be punished for it, because the de-occupation of the region is a matter of time. We remind you that you can report an enemy or a collaborator using the link.

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