Russians put a “special mark” in the passports of TOT residents

Residents of the temporarily occupied South, who agreed to receive a passport of the Russian Federation, receive a special mark in the document that they live in the TOT permanently.

The Russians put in their passports of TOT residents a mark of permanent residence of the owner in the occupied territories. Note that there are no corresponding marks in other regions. Thus, we can state that even having a passport of the Russian Federation does not deprive a resident of TOT of “special treatment” by the occupiers, because in fact this mark indicates a lower rank of the passport holder.

Also, the corresponding label allows you to quickly identify the owner of the document in the Russian Federation itself, if he travels there.

The National Resistance Center calls to sabotage the receipt of enemy waste paper.

We will remind you that the residents of the temporarily occupied Melitopol invented new ways to ignore the passporting of the enemy. In particular, the main thing is to enter the electronic queue and skip it, which will automatically force you to re-enter the queue and repeat the process. This makes it easier to check at checkpoints, because you have a message about entering the queue for a passport.

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