Russians put pressure on the ZNPP workers to force them to cooperate

In Energodar, the occupiers abduct workers of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant for “preventive talks” in torture chambers, so that they would sign and take Russian passports.

Thus, the enemy has created a “pocket” trade union to which all employees of the station must forcibly join, and to join it is necessary to obtain the enemy’s passport. All dissenters are taken away and tortured.

Special attention is paid to those who have not concluded a contract with Rosatom. It should be noted that the Russian Federation is not able to fire all the employees of the station due to the lack of manpower in the relevant profession.

We will remind you that earlier the occupying leadership of the ZNPP lowered the requirements for a number of vacancies at the station so that it would be possible to import relevant personnel from the Russian Federation and replace them with Ukrainian ones.

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