Russians refuse to pay benefits to single mothers if they do not have an enemy passport

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians continue the policy of forced passportization, and the occupiers have come up with a new way to increase this figure.

The monthly amount of payment for a child is 10,000 Russian rubles (UAH 3 thousand), but in order to continue receiving payments, a single mother (or father) must now provide the occupiers with a certificate of this status, which was issued in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

For the relevant reference, it is necessary to have red waste paper. Moreover, if the child is over 14 years old, then it is necessary for him/her to obtain an enemy passport. Otherwise, Ukrainians will not receive payments, which puts the family at risk in the region that the Russians have “liberated” from work.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the year, the Russians banned the circulation of the hryvnia and made it impossible to transfer relatives of the liberated territories, thus making Ukrainians dependent on their will to the TOT, and then exacerbating the humanitarian crisis there in order to take total control of the local population.

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