Russians robbed the municipal fleet of Kherson

The occupiers transported municipal transport from Kherson to Crimea, and also took away medicines from most of the city’s pharmacies.

Russians continue to create a humanitarian crisis in Kherson in order to make the lives of the locals even more unbearable. In this way, the enemy wants to force the residents of the city to “evacuate” due to the “threat of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

At the same time, in Nova Kakhovka, under the pretext of “city defense preparations”, the occupiers are carrying out a forced “evacuation” of citizens from the streets on the banks of the Dnipro river. The enemy settles his soldiers in empty apartments.

We will remind you that in Kherson and the region itself, russians do not supply products to kindergartens, explaining this as “debts” of the institutions. Instead, parents are offered to send their children on “rest” to camps in the Russian Federation, after which the children are not returned.

Russians also released loyal prisoners from the correctional colony No. 90 in Kherson in order to incite a criminogenic situation in the city.

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