Russians steal luxury cars and extort apartments in the occupied territories

Russians in the temporarily occupied territories are engaged in their usual business – looting.

Thus, according to intelligence data, the number of thefts of luxury cars has recently increased. Russian servicemen are looting garage cooperatives in Kherson at the direction of collaborators. In addition, cases of resettlement of Russians in captured apartments are spreading.

For this purpose, the Russians are compiling lists of apartments whose owners have left the city. However, you should not think that such looting is a private initiative. For example, on July 26, the occupiers broke the locks and stole the stocks of products of the captured Kherson Cotton Mill, and in the Kharkiv region there are cases of looting of local property with the subsequent removal of property for military equipment to the Russian Federation.

Such behavior indicates not only that the Russians lack some basic humanity, but also that they do not believe in their long stay in these territories and are actually taking advantage of the moment.

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