Russians step up filtering measures in Berdyansk

Occupied Berdyansk has been resisting the occupation for a year now, and the enemy is forced to spin the wheel of repression even more.

Recently, the occupation administration of the city announced the strengthening of the curfew, because the enemy uses the empty streets of the city to dump military equipment, and does not want the locals to report this to the Armed Forces.

At the same time, the occupiers continue to search corporate garages and carry out inspections at roadblocks. Also, the Russians still haven’t started the process of issuing permits to leave the city, effectively turning Berdyansk into an open-air prison.

It will be recalled that the Russians are settling the military in captured recreation bases around Berdyansk, thus turning civilian objects into military targets. According to locals, Russian soldiers are placed in recreation facilities along the line of the Berdyan Spit. Locals were forbidden to move freely in these areas, and those who lived nearby were resettled

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