Russians still cannot find collaborators on TOT

шахтар, металург

In the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy cannot fill all the vacant “positions” in their “organs”.

The Russian government continues to produce resolutions that are supposed to improve the attractiveness of “positions” in various pseudo-organizations at the TOT. It is about the positions of “judges”, “prosecutors” and “local officials”. On August 16, Russian dictator Putin signed a new decree on new benefits for “individual citizens of the Russian Federation”.

The authorities of the Russian Federation do not understand that no amount of “benefits” will provide enough Ukrainians who are ready to become collaborators. At the same time, the practice of sending employees of various agencies from the territory of the Russian Federation on business trips has problems, due to the reluctance of Russians to go to the TOT.

Russian regulations that supposedly make the proposed “positions” attractive are yet another proof of the lack of support for the Russian occupying forces from the local population on the TOT. Russian propagandists imitate the 90% support for the occupiers on TOT. And in practice, terrorists are still unable to complete their evacuation units.

The National Resistance Center thanks TOT residents for their information and reminds them of the rules for transmitting information.

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