Russians try to scare TOT residents with punishment for “helping terrorists”

In the temporarily occupied territories, the occupiers distribute leaflets with threats to local residents for the help of the Armed Forces.

In them, the enemy openly manipulates, referring to the norms of international law. He said that according to the norms of the Geneva Convention, aid to the military is equated with terrorism. therefore, the occupiers call for the handing in of “terrorist guides”.

However, the norms of international law do not define one of the armies as terrorists, let alone the defending army. Aid to the army is not aid to terrorists and does not imply responsibility under these norms. However, the norms of international law provide for punishment for the occupation of another country and the terror of the civilian population in the occupied territories.

The National Resistance Center notes that this is not the first time that the occupiers have resorted to psychological pressure against the TOT population. Previously, the Russians created bots in social networks for denunciations of those who “help terrorists.”

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