Russians use civilians to find passages through minefields

In the Zaporizhzhya region, cases were recorded when the Russians sent civilians to Ukrainian positions through mine barriers.

So, local people who remained living on the TOT took the position of our military and conveyed a message from the occupiers with an offer to allegedly take the bodies of their 200. However, in the future, the occupiers refuse to negotiate.

According to available information from our military, people are sent deliberately through mine barriers in order to identify possible options for passage through mine barriers. Route information is obtained through civilian surveillance. Thus, we can talk about another international crime of the enemy.

We will remind you that Belarusian border guards deliberately send refugees from Iran and Pakistan to Ukrainian borders. In this way, the Belarusians check vulnerable and insufficiently protected areas of the border with Ukraine, which can be used for the passage of enemy sabotage groups.

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