Russians use New Year’s holidays as a means of brainwashing Ukrainian children

The occupiers are taken en masse to Moscow, Rostov and other large cities of the Russian Federation for New Year’s holidays, in order to convince them of the advantages of life in the Russian Federation in contrast to the image of “Nazi Ukraine” created by Russian propaganda.

In particular, 414 children were taken from the temporarily occupied Horlivka to the Rostov region for “holiday events”. Medical personnel are involved in the removal of children, who actually supervise this crime.

At these events, children are exposed to propaganda, and the main goal is a “contrast game”, where children are shown a “happy and carefree” life in the Russian Federation in contrast to the war in Ukraine. Thus imprinting in the children’s memory the superiority of the Russian Federation over their Motherland.

It should be noted that the enemy is actively brainwashing children on TOT in order to destroy an entire generation of Ukrainians. In all Russian schools on TOT, which are simply propaganda centers with imported teachers from the Russian Federation, “conversations about relevant things” are held every day. The purpose of these lessons is to convince local children that the Russian Federation saved them from the imaginary “Nazis”, and that the captured lands were Russian from time immemorial.

At the same time, the enemy increased the number of propaganda events in the south. Children are invited to the performances of bloggers, athletes and musicians from the Russian Federation. Similar meetings take place in children’s camps, where the Russians take Ukrainian children for “treatment”.

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