Russians want to conduct their “referendum” at their place of residence

In Melitopol, the Russians intend to hold their pseudo-referendum at the place of residence of the “voters”.

The occupiers want to hold a parody of the vote in the period from September 11 to 17. However, the Russians realize that they do not have enough supporters even to create the illusion of support, so they plan to hold a “hidden referendum”. Therefore, residents will be “surveyed” by their place of residence to hide the low turnout.

Note that the “referendum” has only a propaganda function and its result does not affect the Kremlin’s decision to occupy the territory. Therefore, in order not to play along with the propagandists, the Center of National Resistance appeals to the residents to evacuate, and if it’s impossible, then not to open the doors or to leave the city for this period. Earlier, we prepared evacuation instructions.

It should be noted that the activity of the Ukrainian underground forced the Russians to take people from the frontlines to ensure the holding of a pseudo-referendum.

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