Russians who came on a “business trip” to the TOT are being evacuated to the territory of the Russian Federation

Russians who were sent from the territory of the Russian Federation are leaving the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson Region.

The evacuation of Russians continues in the temporarily occupied Skadovsk and Zaliznyi Port in the Kherson region. Employees of various industries, who were sent to TOT from the territory of the Russian Federation, urgently left the territory of Ukraine. They were evacuated first. After that, Russian military resumed looting of the city. Representatives of the Russian occupation forces are transporting the looted goods in trucks towards Crimea.

The National Resistance Center thanks the local population for continuing to be the eyes of our Defense Forces.

We remind you that information about the movement and deployment of the Russian military is crucial for the approach of victory. Therefore, we ask you to continue to inform the Defense Forces.

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