Shoigu vs. Prigozhin: the conflict among the military leadership is growing up in the Russian Federation

“Wagner” mercenaries are increasing their influence among the military of the Russian Federation.

It is noticeable that along with how Russia is rapidly losing the personnel of the regular troops, the PMK and the Kadyrov forces are gaining more and more weight. In the temporarily occupied territories of the south of Ukraine, most of the established troops are already mobilized. The number of PMK Wagner of Putin’s court cook – Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose gang formation is already largely staffed with convicts, is growing rapidly.

According to available information, contradictions are growing among the top military leadership of the Russian Federation. Prigozhin blames the failures of Shoigu and Gerasimov, and they, in turn, nod at Putin. In parallel, Kadyrov and his field commanders are forming their business network in the temporarily occupied territories and gaining more and more power.

According to our information, there was an unofficial meeting between Prigozhin and the head of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Anton Vaino, at which the failures of the Russians in Ukraine were discussed. Prigozhin continues to insist that Shoigu must bear responsibility. But during the conversation, the participants also voiced their opinions about the negative influence of Putin on the course of the war, because the president of the Russian Federation can personally change the plans of the military and intervene at the tactical level of planning.

If a few years ago “Vagnera PVC” acted exclusively as a private company providing services, now this situation is changing. Prigozhin creates a full-fledged army, which he himself leads. The degradation of the political elites of the Russian Federation leads to the return of feudal traditions in state administration. A moment is coming in the Russian Federation when individual political players are strengthening their own positions. This becomes possible when the state loses its monopoly on the use of force. The active development of PVC leads to this.

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