Shortage of medicines for civilians in Crimea

The humanitarian crisis is intensifying on the temporarily occupied peninsula.

Due to the reorientation of the medical system on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to the needs of their military, the shortage of medicines for civilians is growing in Crimea. The priority of the use of medicines is shifted to the occupiers`s needs. In particular, the majority of the medicines is for the treatment of the Russian Federation military.

The humanitarian crisis on the peninsula is intensifying, because in addition to medicines, the medical system is generally being reoriented to serve the occupiers. As in other temporarily occupied territories, civilian medical facilities are being repurposed into military hospitals.

According to information from the Crimean underground, Moscow previously promised the so-called head of the Aksyonov peninsula that there would be no such problems in Crimea as in other regions. Instead, the government of the Russian Federation responded to Aksyonov in accordance with propaganda techniques: “everything is for victory, everything is for the army.”

The of National Resistance Center calls on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to, if possible, leave the TOT and go to the territories under the control of the Ukrainian government.

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