Сhronicles of the resistance: intensified occupiers’ raids and the increase in “bangs”

The Russians are strengthening the administrative and police regime in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. In recent days, the number of searches in the houses of the civilian population has been increasing at the TOT in the south of Ukraine. The occupiers are looking for representatives of the underground. In the cities, the number of searches and inspections of public and private transport increased. People are also stopped on the streets to check their phones and personal data.

The resistance center advises preparing for possible searches from the side of the occupiers. In particular, in order not to arouse the suspicion of the occupants, you need to prepare your phone and other equipment in advance. Remove all discussions of political issues, hostilities, condemnation of Putin and Russia’s policies, photos of military equipment, destruction, and screenshots. Make sure that there are no suspicious contacts in the phone book: for example, “Katya volunteer”, “Sasha ZSU”, and call signs of your friends, if any.

We would like to remind you that the website of the Center of National Resistance has detailed instructions on your actions when detained by the occupiers. You can also read the instructions at the link for the case if you were captured.

Russians continue to collect personal data of residents of temporarily occupied territories under various pretexts. Residents’ passport data is a valuable resource for the enemy because it allows the occupiers to strengthen their control over the local population and facilitates the process of distributing passports and simulating the legitimacy of the “referendum”.

That is why the Russians are actively blocking Ukrainian social benefits in order to deprive residents of their means of livelihood and make them dependent on the Russian administration. In particular, on September 7, the last PrivatBank branch was closed in Melitopol. Instead, in order to receive Russian help, you need to hand over your data to the enemy, or even better, have a Russian passport.

Any occupation administrative center under various pretexts collects applications with residents’ data, which, after being entered into the base, are thrown into the trash. Because the occupiers don’t really need all these paper statements, they only need data. Data collection is also carried out on the street by policemen who stop people for “checks”.

The Center for National Resistance urges to avoid data transmission whenever possible. Try not to leave the house without an urgent need. Also, do not carry out administrative actions regarding re-registration of property or other optional actions for which it is necessary to contact the occupation “administration”.

In the temporarily occupied part of the Luhansk region, the occupiers failed to prepare for the educational process.

Hundreds of teachers, who were brought from Russia due to the refusal of Ukrainian teachers to work for the occupiers, turned out to be not enough to prepare schools for the educational process. After all, due to the resistance of the local population, the occupiers did not even find a sufficient number of personnel to organize the work of the schools. Therefore, children come to the schoolyard, receive tasks for independent study of the material and return home.

Earlier we wrote that in the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians could not ensure enrollment in schools according to the Russian program.

Meanwhile, in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, cotton is fixed. Several powerful explosions were recorded today, September 7. They were heard in different areas of the city. And in Energodar, after numerous shelling by the Russians, the “Luch” substation failed. As a result, several micro districts of the city remain without electricity. There is no household gas in this part of the city. People are suffering from the consequences of Russian provocations and are actually on the verge of a humanitarian disaster, which was created by the occupiers, so that to offer the citizens humanitarian aid in exchange for their consent to take a Russian passport.

The CNR once again emphasizes the expediency of evacuation from temporarily occupied territories during hostilities. Do not become a human shield for the enemy.

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