SOF together with the InformNapalm team evacuated from the combat zone Ukrainians who were mobilized in the “LPR”

Fighters of the Special Operations Forces, together with InformNapalm volunteers, evacuated two Ukrainian citizens who were illegally mobilized in the self-proclaimed “LPR”.

As we reported earlier, the pace of forced mobilization on the territory of the so-called “LPR” is increasing again. The Russians are mass-mobilizing men into the ranks of their army and terrorist organizations. Two citizens contacted Vitaly Ovcharenko, a blogger, and activist from Donetsk. After the operation was planned, the mobilized received clear instructions and were met by SOF fighters. They will not take part in hostilities, they are given asylum and the opportunity to return to a peaceful life far from the front line.

We will remind you that the Resistance Center has prepared instructions on how to surrender.
Mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk region is becoming tougher. The Russians are now mobilizing people with disabilities, and have also raised the age limit, now mobilizing up to 65 years old. All men who received passports of Russians or pseudo-republics are subject to mobilization. Earlier, we explained why men on the TOT should avoid passporting, because it is a direct threat to life

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