“Storm Z” expands its presence in the Bryansk region

Шторм Z

Sources in the RVC report that along the Russian-Belarusian border, in the Russian border areas, there is an increase in the number of members of the Storm Z unit.

In particular, a new batch of prisoners arrived in the territory of Spiridonova Buda, Bryansk region, who were included in this formation and sent to reinforce the 1st Tank Army of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, protest moods and dissatisfaction are spreading among the population of Spiridonova Buda due to the threat of a significant deterioration in the crime situation, as numerous cases of robberies and rapes are currently being recorded.

The NRC reminds that Storm Z is one of the “punitive military units” created by the Russian Ministry of Defence on the model of the Wagner PMC. Members of the unit are recruited in Russian prisons, motivated by the prospect of reduced sentences and “earnings” of USD 2 thousand per month. USD per month.

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