Strengthening enemy propaganda in the Kherson region

телебачення, пропаганда

The analysis of the information space of the TOT of the Kherson region indicates that the Russian military-political organization is increasing the number of propaganda materials aimed at the local residents, with the aim of strengthening loyalty to the occupation administration.

The following narratives are spread in printed publications and messenger communities controlled by the occupiers:

  • “the Russian leadership contributes to the improvement of the standard of living of the residents of the region”
  • “the economic forum in St. Petersburg demonstrated the strengths of the Kherson region and will contribute to the close integration of the region in the Russian Federation”
  • “Russian higher education institutions are ready to accept applicants from the Kherson Region”
  • “Ukraine has abandoned its historical past and neglects the glory of its “grandfathers”

The above is aimed at achieving influence and changing public opinion on the TOT of the Kherson region, in particular at encouraging the youth of the occupied region to participate in Kremlin-initiated projects, integration into the Russian social and cultural space, as well as admission to Russian or controlled universities.

The NRC reminds that the indicated information is part of the enemy’s campaign of informational and psychological influence, contains logical contradictions and is aimed at disorienting and misinforming the citizens of Ukraine.

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