Studying with soldiers: Russians continue to settle soldiers in schools

In the Kherson region, the occupiers are placing military equipment and personnel in schools where the educational process goes on.

Some schools according to the “official” documents of the occupiers, are considered as those where the educational process continues. In them, those students whose parents were forced to send their children to study according to the Russian program are actually brought to classes. At the same time, these institutions house Russian military units and equipment. Such cases are observed in Hola Prystan.

Thus, Russians cynically use children as “human shields”. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on residents of TOT to evacuate from TOT at the time of the operation to liberate the region. We will return after de-occupation and our children will study in Ukrainian schools.

This is not the first case of placement of Russian military personnel in civilian facilities on the TOT. Earlier, the CNS also reported that the occupiers would store weapons in schools.

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