Tension is increasing among the occupiers due to the uneven distribution of combat equipment and the location of personnel

Wagnerites and Kadirovites commandeered the best buildings from their mercenaries to house their personnel on TOT, and started to receive equipment in priority over the mobilized Russian Armed Forces.

The destruction of numerous mobilized people in one of the premises of the Vocational Technical School in Makiivka momentarily tore Russian society out of its propaganda world. This increased the tension between the enemy General Staff and Putin’s favorites Prigozhin and Kadyrov.

The fact is that the mercenaries of the “Wagner” PMC, to which Prigozhyn recruits prisoners, and the Kadyrivites, who actually control the seized lands of Donbas, are provided with better premises for the settlement of the rank-and-file. Because it is them, together with his handsome protégé Serhiy Surovikin, who are the commanders of the combined forces of the Russian Federation in the offensive against Ukraine.

Instead, the mobilized receive a combat kit and premises on a residual basis. That is why the Wagnerians are blamed among the enemy’s regular troops for the losses in Makiivka, because the premises of the vocational school were in a wasteland and were an “easy target” for the Armed Forces, which the latter took advantage of.

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