Terrorism is all the Russians have left

On November 23, the European Parliament officially recognized the Russian Federation as a country that sponsors terrorism. In response, the Russians continued the war against the civilian population of Ukraine.

Strikes on energy facilities executed by the occupiers are to break us. Their goal is to leave us without light and heat in our homes this winter. Create the same living conditions that they create in the temporarily occupied territories. But this tactic does not work in the TOT, where local residents remain on their land and oppose the occupiers. This tactic will not work against free Ukraine either.

We are united and we know what we are going for. Currently, everyone in Ukraine is involved in the fight against the enemy, and everyone is resisting. Russia loses on the battlefield and resorts to its last hope – discord between us. They won’t wait. The fate of this war has already been decided, and the defeat of the Russian Federation is only a matter of time.

We urge everyone to resist the enemy everywhere. In particular, in the information and energy fields.

Effective advice on living in extreme conditions will soon be available on the website of the Center of the National Center. Ukraine will win!

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