The Center of National Resistance calls for the sharing of information about persons participating in the organization of pseudo-elections in the occupied regions

All information about collaborators and invaders can be sent to the anonymous resistance Telegram bot.

In the information space on the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians continue to develop the narrative of preparation for fake elections on September 10. However, this “expression of will” is doomed to the result of the so-called referendum, which the Russians imitated last year.

  But despite all the primitiveness of the processes of allegedly preparing “elections”, everyone who joins them will receive a fair punishment! Therefore, the Center of National Resistance continues to collect information about all those who have already joined the so-called election commissions and take an active part in the preparation.

All information can be sent to the anonymous Telegram bot of the resistance or to the e-mail box [email protected]

At the same time, the public resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” calls on the local population on the temporarily occupied territory to massively block and ignore the fake elections.

In particular:

1) Do not communicate with representatives of Russian parties and agitators.

2) Tear down and burn all propaganda materials of Russian parties.

3) Mark the places with the letter “Ї”:

– where representatives of Russian parties live,

– the offices of the national parties

4) Tear down and tear down the billboards.

5) Print the poster “There will be no elections but there will be a court and there will be The Hague” and hang it everywhere.

“Our task is to make it as difficult as possible for the occupiers to hold fake elections on the temporarily occupied territory! We call on everyone to take action,” the Yellow Ribbon said.

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