The enemy continues to conduct forced medical examinations of Ukrainian children in the TOT

Almost throughout the temporarily occupied territories, the occupiers have integrated “health care” institutions into the medical sphere of the Russian Federation.

Officially, this is necessary to conduct so-called “in-depth preventive medical examinations” of children in the TOT of southern and eastern Ukraine. The Russian government has allocated about 1.5 billion rubles for the implementation of such processes. 

As a result of the examinations, children are sent for “rehabilitation” to remote areas of the Russian Federation, where they are brainwashed, or even used to pressure their parents to leave their native land.

In addition, the medical examination is the basis for forcing them to obtain health insurance, which is possible only if the parents or the adolescent is 14 years old or older.

The National Resistance Center reminds all collaborators and those working for the occupation forces that each of you will be held accountable for all crimes committed against Ukraine.

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