The enemy demands from its fake universities to provide “volunteers” for propaganda

The Russians are planning to hold an “international youth forum” in which, according to the plan, “volunteers” from the temporarily occupied territories should take part.

The event is aimed at strengthening propaganda and imitating the support of the international community for the barbaric policies of Vladimir Putin’s regime on the eve of the “elections” in the Russian Federation. Students from North Korea, China, Belarus and other countries loyal to Putin’s regime will be brought there beforehand.

However, the largest number of participants will be from the Russian Federation, where the Russians are already preparing mass. A recruitment center for TOT “volunteers” has been opened in Melitopol (Zaporizhzhya region), but of course there are not many willing.

Therefore, the occupation administration demanded that fake higher education institutions provide lists of “volunteers” in the best traditions of the Kremlin.

Note that propaganda is one of the pillars of Putin’s regime, because it is aimed at disorienting the value system of its victimі and is one of the main causes of war.

Avoid Russian sources of information, participation in staged shows and ignore the initiatives of the enemy – do not allow yourself to be misled and become a tool in the lying machine of the Kremlin.

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