The enemy does not pay salaries to teachers on TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians have not paid teachers’ salaries for 3 months.

We are talking about the occupied areas of the south, where the Russians suspect local teachers of disloyalty. The delay in payments makes teachers more controlled and dependent on the terms of cooperation with the occupiers.

At the same time, earlier, the occupiers changed the leadership of the “Ministry of Education” in the occupation administration of Kherson oblast. The task of the new Gauleiter should be to purge disloyal teachers and search for new ones, in particular from the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that the main task of the occupation schools in the TOT is precisely the destruction of the self-identification of Ukrainian children, that is, the genocide of Ukrainians as a nation. Therefore, everyone involved in this process will be held accountable for crimes against the Ukrainian people.

We would like to remind you that you can report an enemy or collaborator by following the link.

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