The enemy is bringing tourers from the Russian Federation to simulate the election process in TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy continues to prepare for an imitation of “elections”, and for this purpose specialists from the Russian Federation are arriving in the region.

A year and a half have passed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, and the Russians still do not trust the collaborators, who perform a purely demonstrative role and have no power in the region.

After the failure of the “referendum”, which, ignored by the majority of the local population, took place only in the fantasies of propagandists, the occupiers hope to improve the situation in “elections”.

For this purpose, political technologists, observers, rally organizers and propagandists arrive at TOT. Control over the “electoral process” will be carried out by representatives of the Russian Central Committee from the Russian Federation.

The Russians have already demanded that all employees of state-owned enterprises go to vote in groups on the day designated for the enterprise. At the same time, propagandists will be stationed in advance to film the process.

Moscow considers the main task to draw the turnout, at least on camera. However, even if it fails, then a “referendum” scenario will play out, where the absence of people at the polling stations was explained by the fact that “many people voted at their place of residence or voted on another day.”

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