The enemy is driving state employees into the ranks of Putin’s party

In the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, Russians demand that all employees of “state structures” write an application to join Vladimir Putin’s Nazi United Russia party.

Currently, the Russians are conducting a fake reorganization of all fake state structures in accordance with the legislation of the aggressor country. As part of the process, employees are being re-certified, which the Russians use to attract collaborators to political cooperation.

According to the enemy’s plan, joining the party should further legitimize the Putin regime and, thus, the region’s occupation and create collective responsibility, strengthening the collaborators’ loyalty to the occupiers.

However, the reality for the collaborators will be different, as the de-occupation of the territories is a matter of time, and almost the entire world is working for Ukraine’s victory. Therefore, they will have to answer for voluntary service to the enemy in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

We want to remind you that you can report an enemy or collaborator here.

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