The enemy is intensifying conscription measures in the south of Ukraine

The enemy continues measures to carry out mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine.

For example, in the Kherson region, when men receive enemy passports, the police hand over summonses to the military commissariat to put Ukrainian citizens on the military register.

At the same time, gauleiters claim that these are only planned measures. But the same gauleiter previously stated that no military registration is planned for TOT. And the question, why keep military records, if no conscription is planned, remains rhetorical.

It should be noted that earlier the enemy formed a system of military commissars in the south, which included military personnel of the Russian Federation. Currently, they are committing an international crime when they recruit and prepare to mobilize the population of the occupied territories.

Every war criminal will be identified and punished for crimes against the people of Ukraine. You can report criminals using the link.

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