The enemy threatens to fire the holders of Ukrainian passports on the TOT

The invaders continue the policy of forced passporting on the temporarily occupied territories.

Thus, the Russian government adopted a resolution on the permissible share of “foreign workers” at enterprises, which provides for a significant limitation of jobs from 2024.

In the alternative reality of the occupiers, the TOT is part of the Russian Federation, and Ukrainians who refused to take the enemy’s passport are “foreign workers”. Therefore, this resolution is primarily aimed at the TOT because it provides for the release of Ukrainians.

In this way, the enemy plans to increase the pace of passporting, or make Ukrainians dependent on the payments of the occupation administrations.

The Center of National Resistance emphasizes that peace and economic prosperity will return to the region after the de-occupation of the TOT. Everyone can speed up the liberation of their homeland. You can report an enemy or collaborator using the link.

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